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Why should you use a Online Render farm Service

To use or not to use a cloud or online render farm service is a major discussion in almost all studios. Some studios have embraced this service whole heartedly some studios use it on and off and then there are some who are still not confident using a render farm for their projects.

A renderfarm will allow you to free your company from the huge capex required to setup a snmall render setup. With growing demand for 4K high resolution and ultra realistic output it is just not feasible to keep purchasing and adding nodes to your farm. The cost to usage ration will just not work out, considering your render farm will always be short of nodes. The power consumption, cooling requirements, software licences add a toll to your cash flow and business operations

An online render farm allows you to focus on your design and creative output. The rendering is a operating expense using where you pay for use only. No infrastructure management hassels, software license issues, opportunity costs, missed deadliones. If you still think using a Render farm service not a good option just try it once. Consider the time saved, capex saved, and possible opportunities considering you can now churn out renders almost 95% faster than what you could have down inhouse. Happy rendering

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Automobile Industry and CGI

Of late the automobile industry has ebraced CGI in big way, from pre pre production, training and marketing the CGI is making big inroads in the Industry. Noticle at a larger scale is the CGI based car launches. Companies are making use of the power of CGI to create hyper realistic marketing videos. The digital control allows Marketeers to showcase their product in a better manner with more control on lighting, camera movement, obstructions etc.

Our render farm has helped render launch videos of multiple automobile giants like Mercedes Benz, Honda, Renault etc. The ability to create and render digital graphics in short periods allows companies to share more information with potential customers saving both cost and time. With digital design the marketeer is free to use his imagination to the fullest without being tied up in the physical world contsraints. Its a big opportunity for studios to understand and see what kind of value they can add. We are here to help you render your projects.

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VFX Industry in India

Report by Girish Menon in Economic Times
The animation and VFX industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 17.2 per cent over 201721 to reach a size of INR131.7 billion, driven by a steady 9.5 per cent growth in animation and a 25 per cent growth in the VFX segment. The uptake of local IP/domestic content is likely to be the key growth driver for the animation industry, and the expected uptake of digital consumption through OTT platforms will add to the growing demand for localised content.
RenderingFox hopes to play a major role in this growth story of the Indian animation industry. We have upgraded our render farm server infrastructure to stay ahead of the curve. Our new GPU supported machines and the mammoth 56 thread machines are now now live and can understake and delivery big projects faster and cheaper.

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Good service, quick turn around time and very cost effective.

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Renderingfox has supported us very well in our render project. They were very helpful and we hope to continue to work with them.

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